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The Alzheimer's Foundation programmes have been designed specifically for each stage of the disease and are focused on therapeutic stimulation.

Neuropsychological evaluation

This is a deep evaluation of the superior functions of the brain: Attention, Memory, Language, and Others. It aims to know the mental and functional status of the person, including their degree of memory loss.

Therapeutic programs for cerebral stimulation

Each program is developed in accordance to which phase - I, II or III - the patient is currently experiencing.
In all phases the therapies include:
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Mental stimulation
  • Emotional therapy
  • Artistic activities (Music and Dance)
  • Alternative therapies
  • Animal therapy

Day Center

 In the Day Center, patients with moderate or severe dementia or Alzheimer are offered an integral service. This program allows the caretaker to rest and provides the patient with a safe and rich environment full of activities and socialization.


The Residence Service provides permanent and specialized attention, 24 hours a day for patients with physical or mental dependency. Dressing, feeding, hygiene, and medicinal support are provided. It offers quality conditions of life for people affected by dementia, and ensures a social environment and therapeutic activities according to the needs of each patient.

Therapeutic Center for the Memory

Administrative Headquarter

External Consultation

AV. 8 Norte No. 24AN - 07

Barrio Santa Mónica

Cali - Colombia

Daycare and Residence Center.

Cra. 2A Oeste No. 5A -45

Barrio Arboleda

Cali - Colombia


+57 (2) 892-6118

+57 (2) 892-6112

Daycare Center

+57 (2) 893-1049