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The Alzheimer's Foundations was founded in 1998 with the purpose of offering a specialized attention to those affected by the Alzheimer's disease.

It was recognized in Colombia as a non-profit organization by the Resolution # 0905, which was given by the Department of Health of Valle del Cauca on April 15th, 1998.

It is the first specialized center founded in the city of Cali to take care of the needs of families and patients affected by memory loss after they have been diagnosed.

In it's beginning, the Foundation offered therapeutic stimulation activities, during the day, to the patients affected by the disease. Afterward, it developed permanent attention programs for the residential patients.

In its third stage (2015 - 2016), the Foundation builds the Therapeutic Memory Center and creates programs of prevention, capacitation, promotion, and research for the handling of Alzheimer's disease.

Therapeutic Center for the Memory

Administrative Headquarter

External Consultation

AV. 8 Norte No. 24AN - 07

Barrio Santa Mónica

Cali - Colombia

Daycare and Residence Center.

Cra. 2A Oeste No. 5A -45

Barrio Arboleda

Cali - Colombia


+57 (2) 892-6118

+57 (2) 892-6112

Daycare Center

+57 (2) 893-1049