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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Linking Family Dynamics and the Mental Health of Colombian Dementia Caregivers

American Journal of Alzheimer´s Disease & Other Dementias 2013

Abstract: Estimated that in year 2025, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, that 57 million people of 60 years or older with develop Alzheimers Disease or other Dementias, in comparison with the present statistics. This is partly due to the increasing life expectancy for both sexes in Latin America, that has increased beyond 60 years: of 51.8 to 73.4 years (Latin American and Caribbean Center of Demography, 2008). On the other hand, one has been that the Dementia Alzheimer type is the cause most common of Dementia in Latin America and that because of the symptoms of this pathology, a great number of responsibilities falls on the familiar caretakers of people with Dementia with the aggravating one of which these cares are not remunerated (Nitrini ET to., 2009) and are realized by women or housewives 85% of the time. It has been demonstrated that it enters the caretakers of adults majors with different types from medical conditions, the people who take care of a person with Dementia experience some of the most adverse results of mental and physical health (Pinquart and Sörensen, 2003). The doctors often undergo restrictions in activities outside the cares, that have been related to the increase of the stress of the caretaker, greater depression, symptoms of anxiety, poor physical health, incapacity to surpass anxiety states; psychological aspects also have been affected in the caretakers, between most common: problems of memory and difficulty to concentrate, smaller interest to realize activities, increase or diminution of the appetite, abrupt alterations in the dream, changes in humor (irritability, euphoria, sadness) and the communication, fatigue, isolation, feelings of fault, sedative ingestion or spirits and development of serious or incapacitantes diseases like problems of cancer. The mental health of the caretakers of people with Dementia is especially important to study because the investigation has demonstrated that the mental health of the caretaker improves when it is associated with less time spent to the cares, less problems of conduct in the person with Dementia and the increase of the quality in the informal attention (Markowitz, Gutterman, Sadik, and Papadopoulos, Covinsky ET to., 2003).

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